Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tennis score: 7-6(8-6) - me on Artificial Grass.

As most people who have searched for a tennis partner know, it is extremely difficult to find a one at the same level as you. After a great adventure of sampling a lot of tennis partners, I decided to join a tennis club. Within a week, I had found a tennis partner who was at a similar level to me. In addition, he also had the capability and inclination to play almost everyday - perfect. So I play tennis with the same partner almost everyday.

So with this introduction, I am posting my tennis scores more as a record of scores than anything. I know I can keep a spreadsheet, but this way, by posting scores every time we play, I can increase my blog post count.. :)

Today's scores: 7-6(8-6) - me. Just one set could be played due to us starting at 8 PM and even though BBC says the sunset in Swansea is at 9:35 PM, it was dark enough that we could not play after 9 PM. It was a normal set with several breaks and few holds. I was serving for the set at 6-5, but, as usual, could not close it out and the set went into a tiebreak, that I won with great difficulty.


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