Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tennis Score: 1-6, 4-2 on indoor hard

The lousy weather meant that we had to play on indoor hard courts that are a good 15 minute drive away from home. The frequent changes of surfaces is not good for my scores as I seem to take more time to adjust than my partner.

The first set was not as one sided as it suggests. In several games, I had game points and break points, but as it happens sometimes, I just could not clinch any of these games leading to the one sided score. Even in the rallies, it was a similar story - I was getting into winning positions but just could not put away the short ball and was hitting it long or into the net.

The second set was a bit better in that I started hitting the ball a bit harder and flatter. More importantly, I started taking the game points and break points. What a difference winning these points make!

Sport can be a very good analogy for life. I guess, in life, as in tennis, the way the important moments are handled is what makes all the difference..

Time played: 1 hour.

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