Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tennis Score: 6-4, 6-0, 6-2: Clay

The video shows Roger Federer beating Andy Roddick in the Australian Open semis. After todays tennis game, I know how he must have felt like. Strangely the score of that match is exactly the same as ours.

We had perfect conditions for tennis today. It had rained on and off for the last two days and this made the courts much better. A lot of the dusty clay had settled down and courts were not that slippery. In addition there was hardly any wind and to top it off we used a new can of tennis balls.

The first set started off in familiar fashion. A break for me in the first game. Surprisingly, I held in the next game to go up 2-0, but lost the next to be at 2-1. I played very well and a lot of shots that were going out the past few times we've played landed in today. In no time, I was up 5-2 and had three chances to seal the set. However my partner broke for the first time and held to be at 5-4. I had to hold to win the set and on normal days, I would have lost the game. But, today was not a normal day. I held and won the set 6-4. This was the first of seven continuous games that I managed to win.

The second set was over in a breeze with me hitting remarkable winners off the forehand side. After one of these winners, a forehand hit after running around the backhand, some school girls complimented that it was a "great shot". I think the next shot I hit, a forehand down the line as hard as I could, was the best shot of the evening.

Because the two sets were over so quickly, in around an hour, we decided to play another set. I thought today was my lucky day and swung hard at everything. Incredibly this worked and almost all my shots landed in. The set was won 6-2.

It was probably the best tennis I have played and it feels great. Maybe Roger Federer felt like this after the Roddick match.

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