Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tennis Score: 4-6, 6-2: Clay

The conditions for play were dusty. Swansea has been really good lately - it hasn't rained for more than three weeks now and if you know Swansea, you know that's unheard of here. Due to the unusual non rainy weather, the clay courts have a lot of loose fine clay that makes the court slippery. Though not an excuse, it did affect my play.

The first set was played in regular fashion. My partner was the only person to hold till we got to 3-4. Then I held to make it 4-4. This was supposed to be when I made my move and win the next two games to win the set. It was my partner who executed the plan to win the set 4-6.

The second set was quite easily won 6-2.

I have strange feeling that if my partner wins the first set, he throws the second set. Just a wild hypothesis seeing how many times I have won the second set easily after losing the first.

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