Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tennis Score: 3-6, 6-7(2) : Clay

Quite frankly a horrible "performance" by me. It was a frustrating two hours. It was one of those days when nothing seems to be going your way.

The first set started off with jets flying in various patterns, the highlight being a heart shape, as part of the air show in Swansea. The jets made an awful racket and it was really difficult to concentrate on the tennis, especially when the partner kept gazing at it. The racket stopped but my poor play continued. The main tactic used today, as everyday, was going hard to my backhand. My backhand had given up for the past few days and today was no exception. I could not hit a backhand in, making innumerable unforced errors through that wing. The set was duly lost 3-6.

In the second set, he continued attacking my backhand, but I thought I was a bit better with it at that point in time. This did not reflect in the scoreline that read 2-5. This was probably the result of my weak forehand. I hardly recall having a forehand winner during the entire two sets. At 2-5 down, I resorted to the famous "will power/ I will not make errors" combine and somehow clawed back to 5-5 and even went up 6-5. All this only to lose the next game and the tiebreak. In the tiebreak, my backhand was constantly under pressure and ultimately gave up. The tiebreak was lost 2-7 to complete a horrible day of tennis.

If there is as much frustration due to a game of tennis, it is worth asking if I should be playing it. However, tennis provides immense satisfaction and joy. In order to make it more so, I need to resolve that I will not be frustrated on the tennis court ever again irrespective of my level of play.

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