Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On possible ways to prevent terror attacks.

As already posted earlier, one of the things that has not been very transparent in the aftermath has been the rejection and distancing of the attacks by Islamic leaders. The Muslim public has taken a distancing stand by not burying the bodies of the terrorists.

If there has been widespread condemnation by the leaders, I have missed it. These, if they exist, should be publicized by the major news channels.

Otherwise, I believe that the main leaders from the main Islamic religious bodies should condemn the attacks in a stronger manner. Barring that, the news channels should ask these leaders about their view. There is a good chance that they will disown the attacks. I believe that if enough leaders, both in India and abroad do this, then the impressionable youth perpetrating the terror could be positively affected.

I think this might get to one of the root causes of the problem and hopefully do something to try and eliminate it.

Update 1: More muslims have come together to denounce the attack as attacks on Islam. Links follow.

Muslims denounce Mumbai attackers as enemy of Islam

Indian Muslims unite against terror, hold peace march

Muslims forced to pick between good madarasas & bad

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brocasarea said...

main problem is pak!!....some one shd stop funding them[US]