Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fall of "The Wall"

It is very apparent that through India's exceptional performance in test match cricket, one non performer has been Rahul Dravid. The downfall started in South Africa, 2 years ago. Coincidentally, it was same series where Saurav Ganguly famously made his comeback. Is there a relation to the two events -- Ganguly's comeback and Dravid's fall?

Dravid was one of the main reasons that Ganguly had become India's most successful captain. However, the fallout between Greg Chappel and Ganguly must have had its effect on Dravid. Also, Dravid may have had something to do with the removal of Ganguly. It is possible that Ganguly's comeback caused Dravid -- the then captain -- some mental discomfort that may have caused the downfall in Dravid's batting.

All this is pure conjecture, but when there is such a perfect alignment of events, there is a possibility of one event causing the other.

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brocasarea said...

RD has always been my fav personality....will always respect him