Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tennis Score: 2-6, 3-4: Clay stopped due to string breakage.

We were playing after a break of five days, but I was pleasantly surprised that my shots during warmup were quite good. This did translate to the actual set itself, but my backhand gave up and a lot of errors were made from that wing. Also, there were several games when I should have won with me being game-point up in many of them. Those came and went and the set was lost.

The second set was similar, but I had somewhat better luck in converting the game points. I went up 3-2, but then lost the next two games to be 3-4 down. In the last point, I hit a forehand very hard and guess the factory strings that came with my now-not-so-new racket were not very good. They snapped and since I did not have a spare racket, we had to stop. Unfortunate that because it was perfect for tennis - cloudy-leading to great lighting, no rain or wind and nicely watered clay courts.

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