Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Trip to London.

We decided to go on a trip to London to meet a friend there and show around people who hadn't been there.

The trip started with a dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant in Bristol.

Of the four of us, three had Chimichangas.

Desserts were great too.

Next day we started off after a wonderful breakfast.

We finally reached our hotel, in the outskirts of London, at around 4 in the afternoon.

It was time for a very late lunch.

The sun went down and it was time to head off.

..and so we did.

We reached central London - Trafalgar Square.

A reminder - Smoking is injurious to everbody's health.

One of the lions at Trafalgar Square.

The square is a very busy area and is near the Big Ben.

..and did I say very busy?

A short walk away is the Big Ben.

Another short walk brings us to a bridge with great views of the London Eye.

The bridge also has amazing views of the city.

It's dinner time. We decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants by London Eye.

London at night - as seen on the walk back to our car.

Next morning, we used the famous London public transport to get to the city.

A suburb of london, as seen from the train.

I am always impressed by the escalators taking you to and from the underground platform.

A train at the underground platform.

Overground - somewhere around Oxford Street.

Onto to Chinatown - where we had lunch, and some chinese tea.

Followed by ice cream at Hagen Daaz at Leicester Square - Highly recommended.

..but they are quite expensive too.

And thus our London trip was over. We return to Wimbledon, where our car was, using the escalators and the underground trains.